ahba (andy_hallett) wrote in big_brother_mbp,

Okay. I am guessing that there definitely won't be any BB games till after the awards. I know that's got to be keeping one half of BB pretty busy, so it makes sense.

But... can we get an update of when - approximately OR exactly - to expect the next game?

[I'm going out of town for a 4-day weekend. Gone from Friday morning until Monday night. I'm going to be trying to spend some time at a net cafe because I know I'll go crazy without email access (and I might have access to a laptop too). If I know game times before I leave - I can try to make arrangements to be online for them. Like I said - it's something I want to do anyway, so why not combine my online time with BB if it's possible? But I just need to know when. :) Thanks!]
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